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The comic

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'The Valley of the Fox' is a webcomic that narrates the summer vacation of two siblings in a mysterious Alpine region where an ancient and dark story lies; the villagers of Hölledorf are threatened by the presence of a mysterious creature.

It will be up to Liam (11 years old) and Céline (16) to follow the white rabbit (or fox, in this case) and meet in the woods a girl with diety like powers and a deep connection with the valley and the mystery that surrounds it.

Each new chapter will be published on this site every 3/4 weeks.
The comic is completely  free to read.

The author

Talk about your business, your products, or yourself.

Hi, my name is Timothy and I was born in Lugano in 1987.
I am a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, member of the SCAA and the only author from Ticino to be published in the Zurich magazine Strapazin.

'The Valley of the Fox' is one of the most challenging projects I have ever worked on.
I single-handedly work at the concept, history, dialogues, drawings and colors, as well as managing this site.

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Inspiration and references

Talk about your business, your products, or yourself.

Hölledorf and its valley are inspired by real places, mainly Val Calanca (GR-CH), which has a fascinating history; its traces of human civilization date back to the Bronze Age.
A more recognized note is that it was one of the last regions in Europe to have perpetuated the witch hunt, practiced until the end of 1800's.

Val Calanca is a narrow valley with a particular geological formation. Its steep walls have made the relationship between nature and its inhabitants difficult: landslides and floods are a frequent phenomena.

Finally, the place has a special place in my heart, which has made it the ideal setting to tell the story and the themes present in the comic, such as growth, friendship, emancipation and the relationship between man and nature.

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